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Minton Quinag provides the means for owners to sell or raise money for their business as well as possible – this means achieving the best valuation, as well as getting the best outcome for the owners’ non-financial objectives which are often overlooked. With decades of experience, we’re confident that we can fully meet the needs of even the most complex transaction.

Who strategic change can benefit


If you sell a business to a run-of-the-mill buyer, it’s likely you’ll achieve a run-of-the-mill price and miss the opportunity to realise its true value. Accountants, lawyers and financial investors all offer credible advice, but Minton Quinag has the expertise to go beyond pure or abstract financial knowledge. We take the time to understand your industry in depth, and bring any hidden strengths in the business to the fore. Clients can realise the full value of their business from a range of compatible buyers or investors, addressing their needs in order to secure the best deal.

How we implement strategic change


Our focus on preparation is proven to deliver the best possible transaction. Business owners often suffer from a lack of understanding around the pitfalls of a badly or superficially run process. This can hinder the transaction, overlook strategic value and prevent the best outcome from being reached. Minton Quinag identifies and resolves any issues, creates a plan to improve your business case, and sets goals for business improvement to become ‘transaction-ready’.

Trusted by our clients

“Marcus and Helen guided the shareholders through a complex and challenging process to explore the different options available to us and determine the best outcome.”
Alex Collins – Technical Director & Founder of Vannplastic Ltd

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Why we involve our clients in strategic change


It’s essential that owners present their business in the best possible light, and this means having the right numbers to show prospective purchasers. Minton Quinag can work with you to develop a business plan with credibility - removing any mystery, reducing perceived risks and enticing the right people. We ensure clients have spotless balance sheets, fully costed growth plans to back up projected figures, and financial projections that stack up before and during due diligence.

What our strategic change involves


We appreciate that owners are heavily invested in the future of their business, both on a financial and a personal basis. Once we enter negotiations with purchasers or investors, we will fight like lions to ensure that the best deal is secured. Every client should be of the utmost importance to their corporate finance advisers, and Minton Quinag only take on cases that we fully believe in.

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We provide strategic corporate finance consultancy that can enhance your business and add significant shareholder value. Contact us to find out more.

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