Transparent corporate finance services

Financial success is important – and transparency is our touchstone. While many advisers focus on the final outcome of a deal, we place huge value on providing a hands-on and transparent approach to the way in which we deliver our services. Through a process tailored to you, we deliver meaningful changes which will benefit your business in the long term, as well as supporting the more immediate financial transaction.

Who strategic change can benefit

Why clients need transparency

Businesses often have multiple stakeholders with differing expectations. Minton Quinag helps clients weigh up what they have and delivers outcomes that satisfy all parties involved. We work to align potentially conflicting agendas, counter emotionally-driven issues and present the best available outcome. As a result, we can satisfy the personal objectives of each stakeholder whilst also making the right choice for the business.

How we implement strategic change

We are the experts

Minton Quinag is a name which reflects the nature of our business - the founders are the company. We have no juniors, contractors or customer service teams. Instead, clients benefit from a dedicated and responsive service, provided exclusively by managing partners and trusted personal contacts each with a long history in corporate finance. This guarantees that your case will receive all the time and attention it deserves. Each of our handpicked cases is important to us, and we take pride in handling each one with devoted care. 

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Trusted by our clients

“Marcus and Helen guided the shareholders through a complex and challenging process to explore the different options available to us and determine the best outcome.”
Alex Collins – Technical Director & Founder of Vannplastic Ltd

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Why we involve our clients in strategic change

Transparency over costs

We understand that initial discovery costs may act as a barrier when clients are choosing advisers. Minton Quinag will therefore offer complete transparency on what you get for your money. We’re confident we can justify the fees charged for services provided, and can clearly articulate their value to you and your business. In simple terms, we align our fees to the successful delivery of target outcomes.

What our strategic change involves

A hands-on approach

Clients may lack any experience in this kind of business transaction, and this can introduce incorrect assumptions and unfounded fears to the process. We develop a close and supportive working relationship, guiding clients every step of the way and demystifying an area of business that is notoriously rich in jargon and artificial complexity. We can also provide more active involvement where required, supervising or leading particular areas of focus, such as financial management, business development and client education.

Discover how our approach could benefit your business

We provide strategic corporate finance consultancy that can enhance your business and add significant shareholder value. Contact us to find out more.

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