Understand strategic value

Minton Quinag provides strategy and hands-on support that allow owners and shareholders to unlock the true value of their business. We take the time to thoroughly analyse present operations, particularly from a purchaser’s or investor’s perspective. If there are hidden strengths in the business, we bring these to the fore so that clients can realise full value from a range of compatible buyers.

Who strategic change can benefit

Who can our corporate finance services benefit?

Minton Quinag works with privately owned companies approaching a point of change. This can be driven by various internal or external forces, such as market consolidation, owners looking to retire, shareholders wanting to extract capital value, or the receipt of an unsolicited approach. We recognise that while owners are experts at managing their business, they may need external support to evaluate and release its true value, while navigating the many pitfalls of a transaction process. This is where we come in.

How we implement strategic change

How we unlock strategic value

At Minton Quinag, we understand what purchasers seek in an acquisition or investment, as well as what they wish to avoid. This perspective influences the way we analyse the strengths, weaknesses and potential of your business, and portray these qualities to potential buyers. Purchasers offer their very best terms when presented with a trouble-free acquisition process and a high quality business, and over many years we have refined an approach that delivers this.

Trusted by our clients

“Marcus and Helen guided the shareholders through a complex and challenging process to explore the different options available to us and determine the best outcome.”
Alex Collins – Technical Director & Founder of Vannplastic Ltd

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Why we involve our clients in strategic change

What it’s like to work with us

We analyse what a business is worth to different types of purchasers or investors, consider how to make practical enhancements to value, and support business owners in implementing these changes. While we rely on clients to be committed to this process, they are also able to delegate supervision and leadership of the process to us.

Client timescales are respected throughout the process, and we will spend whatever time is required readying a business before pushing the button on a transaction. As a result, we can satisfy shareholders while also doing what is best for the business.

What our strategic change involves

How we implement change

Our value-enhancing strategies begin with an in-house preliminary due diligence exercise, conducted with you to gain a detailed understanding of your business. We then establish a credible strategic plan with you, and address any subsidiary issues that emerge from these two key elements of preparatory work. We then back all of this up by preparing detailed financial models that present this plan in a clear transparent way for prospective purchasers or investors.

We are patient and exhaustive in our approach to leading the preparatory phase, because this ensures the best possible results. By providing honest feedback on our early perceptions, we can work with you to enhance your business and present it to purchasers in the most exciting way possible.

Why we involve our clients in strategic change

How we differ from other corporate finance companies

Minton Quinag offers a fresh perspective to clients by addressing purchasers’ or investors’ concerns and needs as well as the seller’s priorities. This underwrites successful negotiations and subsequent due diligence and legal phases. Most importantly, we provide principal-led advice and support throughout the entire transaction process to ensure that all shareholders are satisfied. We take pride in our attention to detail, and a personal approach that can’t be easily replicated by larger firms.

Discover how our approach could benefit your business

We provide strategic corporate finance consultancy that can enhance your business and add significant shareholder value. Contact us to find out more.

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