We value a challenge

Quality control is paramount to us, and our personal yet professional approach is designed to make challenging business circumstances more straightforward. We do not pull our punches and believe in delivering clear and honest advice, working in a transparent way with our clients. Integrity of communication, advice and action is at the core of everything we do. We are prepared to deal with potentially daunting situations, including financial distress. Key criteria for us are a good commercial fit, personal chemistry with clients, and the rigorous application of common sense on both sides.

Hands-on approach to business

Hands-on approach to business

Clients may lack any experience in this kind of business transaction. This can introduce incorrect assumptions and unfounded fears to the process, so we provide a hands-on and supportive relationship to guide clients every step of the way. Through a personal and understanding approach, we become deeply involved in the business and offer more active involvement where required – supervising or leading financial management, business development and client education.

We value our clients

We value our clients

Many clients are hesitant of working with a major corporate finance firm for fear of being forgotten or undervalued. In contrast, Minton Quinag bears a name which accurately reflects the nature of our business – the two founding partners are the company, and will be with you through every step of the process. Based on our finite capacity, we carefully choose to accept cases into our workload, and work exclusively with clients we wholeheartedly believe in.

Trusted by our clients

“Marcus and Helen guided the shareholders through a complex and challenging process to explore the different options available to us and determine the best outcome.”
Alex Collins – Technical Director & Founder of Vannplastic Ltd

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We value your time

Our client base

Minton Quinag provides strategic corporate finance consultancy to respected SMEs across a range of industry sectors. We deal exclusively with privately owned companies, some of which are corporate or private equity owned and many of which are family-owned. This introduces a further level of complexity, as companies often have multiple shareholders from different generations, as well as other stakeholders to consider such as banks or private equity investors. A successful outcome is often harder for owners to define if the interests of the business are no longer aligned with the interests of all stakeholders. This is where we come in, to both define and achieve the best possible outcome.

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We value transparency

We value transparency

Transparency is our touchstone. Minton Quinag provides complete clarity on what you get for your money, and can clearly articulate the value of our services to you and your business. Transparency is also key to our management of transactions. We are regularly in communication with clients, providing detailed feedback on dialogue with buyers, funders and other stakeholders. Periodic progress reviews also ensure transactions are moving in the required direction and with the required pace.

Discover how our approach could benefit your business

We provide strategic corporate finance consultancy that can enhance your business and add significant shareholder value. Contact us to find out more.

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